About Yokohama Christian School

Yokohama Christian School (YCS) is a mission of Yokohama Union Church. YCS is, intentionally, a small, family-friendly international school. Our goal is to equip students for academic achievement, while encouraging personal and spiritual growth. We provide a strong Classical Christian curriculum that includes materials approved by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Who we serve

YCS is proud to serve a diverse student population of: expatriate, multicultural, and local children and families. It is our desire to cultivate a school that serves the needs of current students, while continuing to improve for future students and maintaining close relationships with our alumni families.

What we believe

At Yokohama Christian School, we believe that God is the source of all truth. We believe God created all people for a relationship with Himself and others. With the revelation found in creation and the example of Jesus Christ in the Bible, we strive to present the understanding of who God is through Jesus. Our hope is that through this education, students will gain the ability to pursue a life of loving and obedient response to God.

We believe that the ultimate goal of education is for our students to grow in wisdom so that they may know, love, and practice all that is true, good, and excellent.

Our Vision

Provide quality Christian education in accordance with the Core Values of YCS
Present a curriculum using Classical Christian education standards
Nurture students and families in the YCS community

Core Values

The Core Values of Yokohama Christian School are: Responsibility, Readiness, Respect, and Reverence. For the YCS Core Values and brief description.

Classical Curriculum

The Grammar Phase of classical learning focuses on building strong skills in reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. With a strong foundation in these areas, students are introduced to arithmetic, science, Latin, and music. See here for details on Classical Curriculum and YCS Curriculum.

Students and Families

Yokohama Christian School believes that parents are a child’s first teachers. At YCS, parents are valued partners in the education of each student. Each year we encourage involvement and community so that we can all work as a team for the best interests of all YCS students. For information about upcoming events, see here.