Education Planning

Choosing A School

Choosing a school for your child is no easy task. Determining what your hopes are for your child can make the task easier. YCS embraces thinking outside the box when it comes to families making decisions about the education of their children and is equipped to help.

What to expect at Yokohama Christian School?

Yokohama Christian School is a Classical Christian preschool and elementary school. Classical schools concentrate on strong reading, writing, and logic skills. At YCS, your child will be exposed to great, age-appropriate literature from a young age. Our multi-age classrooms will allow your child to interact with a diverse range of class members with the ability to learn from those that are older and mentoring those that are younger.

Strengths of YCS

Yokohama Christian School provides a loving, nurturing environment for all students. We excel at equipping students for English academia by:

– Providing a strong, interdisciplinary program
– Maintaining low student-teacher ratios for optimum learning
– Exposing students to high quality English language input
– Encouraging the highest academic potential for each student

Core Values

The Core Values of a school determine its foundation, goals, and school culture. At Yokohama Christian School, we believe our core values impact our parents, teachers and staff, and students.

Parents – commit to taking an active role and interest in your child’s education

Teachers – lead by example

Students – excel in every facet of learning and are held accountable for their own efforts

Parents – prepare your child to be ready to learn each day

Teachers – are prepared to teach and have a sense of calling

Students – be prepared and have a positive attitude toward learning

Parents – treat other parents, teachers, and staff with respect

Teachers – model respectful behavior

Students – show compassion and care for classmates, teachers, and family

Parents – encourage your child’s spiritual growth

Teachers – shepherding hearts and minds and doing all for the glory of God

Students – respect and honor God, in speech and behavior

Prepared for the Future

YCS is an intentionally small preschool and elementary school.At this time we provide elementary school up to grade 5, paving the way to middle school programs beginning from grade 6. Here are some examples of where students may go after completing their schooling at YCS: