Greetings to you and your family from Yokohama Christian School!

We thank you for your interest in Yokohama Christian School and hope that this introduction will help you to better understand our school. YCS is a school that maintains small class sizes for optimum academic performance and uses an American, Classical Christian curriculum. We are proud to serve the the international and local community of Yokohama.
Some distinct characteristics of Yokohama Christian School to consider as you select a school for your child include:

  • We are a Christian school specializing in the education of 2-11 year olds in mixed age classes.
  • We partner with parents in the education of their child and are committed to helping families have time to spend together.
  • We are committed to glorifying God by pursuing excellence in all that we do and by teaching our students the proper motivation for excellence.
  • We are committed to helping each student achieve their God-given potential through a strong, Classical Christian education.

Our website contains information concerning curriculum, activities, and the admissions process. If you are interested in seeing more of Yokohama Christian School please contact us for a school tour to see what makes this place so special!
In His Service,
Alisha N. Yamamori
Interim Head of School