Fees & Tuition 2019-2020


Application Fee: ¥20,000 Payable at the time of application
Testing Fee: ¥10,000 Payable before admissions testing
(K-5th Grade – Scholastic Readiness, Grade Placement, English Comprehension)
Entrance Fee: ¥200,000 Payable when invoiced


* Admissions fees are payable once, per child, when first admitted
* All admissions fees are non-refundable


Registration Fee: ¥20,000 Non-refundable
Annual Development Fee: ¥100,000 Non-refundable
Tuition Fees Payments due May & November
Elementary (K-5th grade) ¥1,449,000
Sprouts (3-4 year olds) ¥1,395,000
Seeds (2 year olds) ¥1,044,000
Deferred Payment Fee Non-refundable
10-Payment Plan ¥10,000


* All annual fees are payable every year before entering class.
* Deferred payment plans are available for tuition only.

For a detailed breakdown of fees, you can download it here:



  1. Please use the student’s name, i.e. Smith, Mary, instead of the parent or company
  2. Payment dates:
    1st Term 2nd Term
    May 31 November 30

  3. Please pay in Yen by bank transfer or direct deposit to the account specified below,
    Bank: Bank of Yokohama, Motomachi Branch

    Phone: 81-45-641-0341

    Address: 5-186 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa JAPAN

    Account: Ordinary: 311-1518402
    Account Name:  Yokohama Union Church Yokohama Christian School
    Swift Code: HAMAJPJT
  4. Japanese:横浜銀行 元町支店 (普通) 口座番号 311-1518402ヨコハマユニオンキョウカイヨコハマクリスチャンスクール
  5. Late payments will be charged a fee of 10% of the total invoice.



  1. 1. No changes of days during the term
  2. 2. All fees are non-refundable
  3. 3. A YCS Withdrawal form is due 30 days prior to leaving