Fees & Tuition 2020-2021


Application Fee: ¥25,000 Payable at the time of application
Testing Fee: ¥15,000 Payable before admissions testing
(K-5th Grade – Scholastic Readiness, Grade Placement, English Comprehension)
Entrance Fee: ¥220,000 Payable when invoiced


* Admissions fees are payable once, per child, when first admitted
* All admissions fees are non-refundable


Registration Fee: ¥22,000 Non-refundable
Annual Development Fee: ¥120,000 Non-refundable
Tuition Fees Payments due May & November 30th
Elementary (K-5th grade) ¥1,536,000 Full amount payable in two terms
Sprouts (3-4 year olds) ¥1,479,000 Full amount payable in two terms
Seeds (2 year olds) ¥1,107,000 Full amount payable in two terms
Deferred Payment Fee Non-refundable
10-Payment Plan ¥11,000 Payments from May through March (Exemption in October)


After School Club Activity (1st-5th Graders) – Annual Registration and Maintenance fee ¥20,000


* All annual fees are payable every year before entering class.
* Deferred payment plans are available for tuition only.

For a detailed breakdown of fees, you can download it here:



For monthly payment schedules, click below.



  1. Please use the student’s name, i.e. Smith, Mary, not the parent or company
  2. Payee must cover the bank transfer fee.
  3. Please pay in Yen by bank transfer or direct deposit to the account specified below,
    Bank: Bank of Yokohama, Motomachi Branch

    Phone: 81-45-641-0341

    Address: 5-186 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa JAPAN

    Account: Ordinary: 311-1518402
    Account Name:  Yokohama Union Church Yokohama Christian School
    Swift Code: HAMAJPJT
  4. Japanese:横浜銀行 元町支店 (普通) 口座番号 311-1518402
  5. Paypal: Use the email address finance.school@yokohamaunionchurch.org and please send as a gift to avoid extra charges. Note your child´s name in the memo section. (* In case of any extra charges deducted to the school, the actual amount will be charged to the parents in their next invoice)



  1. All fees are non-refundable
  2. No changes of days during the term
  3. A YCS Withdrawal form is due 30 days prior to leaving


Overdue Accounts

Late payments will be charged a fee of 10% of the total outstanding invoice.

Overdue Accounts

Limited tuition assistance is available – contact the school office for details.