After School Care

Yokohama Christian School realizes that families have a variety of needs and that is why we offer our After School Care program. Our After School Care provides children with a safe and loving environment to play with friends in English. We offer our regular After School Care program that ends at 3:30pm or we have Extended After School Care* that ends at 5pm. Weather permitting, children play outside until 3:30 and are brought inside for Extended After School Care.


*Extended After School Care is offered upon an as needed basis. In order to operate regularly, a minimum of three students must consistently reserve. If your child needs Extended After School Care, please contact the YCS Office.


There are a variety of care options that suit every family situation. We are happy to offer this program and welcome your questions.




7:55AM drop off

ASC for students in Seeds class

*Includes a nap time

ASC for students in Sprouts class


ASC for students in Kinder – G5


*After the regular school day or before the PM Class that starts at 3:30PM

AASC/Extended ASC for students in Seeds/under 3 yrs


AASC/Extended ASC for students in Sprouts – G5







1,000 yen/ 7:55AM-8:25AM

ASC: (Sprouts)

(Limited) 1,500 yen/ 2:30PM~3:30PM

ASC: (Kinder-G5)

(Limited) 1,000 yen/ 3:00PM-3:30PM

AASC: (Seeds/under 3 yrs)

(Limited) 2,500 yen/ 2:30PM~3:30PM

AASC/Extended ASC Regular use

(for kids above 3yrs only/Minimum 2 kids): 2,000 yen/day

AASC/Extended ASC Occasional use

(Limited/Minimum 2 kids) (for kids above 3yrs only): 2,500 yen/day

*AASC/Extended ASC Regular use

Needs advance signups and Payment before the start of every term (Non-Refundable)

※ No make up days or refunds for missed days by your child


*AASC/ Extended ASC Occasional use (Limited space)

To register ahead using the blue form (Multipurpose Signup Sheet) or email / call to office before 12pm of the same day.
*Acceptance to ASC/AASC will be decided by the YCS office on the basis of the enrollment for that particular day.


ASC PURPOSE: The objective of ASC is to allow students to relax and safely play outdoors as weather permits, under the observation of YCS faculty and staff. The After School Care (ASC) program is not an English educational class, but teacher communication is in English.


Do you need longer hours? Contact school office.