Afternoon English Course Fees

Afternoon Program

Fall Term

Winter Term

Spring Term


1 day/week ¥54,000 ¥43,000 ¥43,000 ¥20,000
2 day/week ¥108,000 ¥86,000 ¥86,000 ¥20,000


PLUS ¥3,000/term for materials

❖Do students who have previously attended YCS pay registration? No.

Financial Regulations

  1. All fees and tuition are due before the term starts.
  2. No refund or discount of fees or tuition for extended absences.
  3. No make up days or refunds for missed classes by your child.
  4. An official YCS Withdrawal Form is required one month in advance for departure from the program.
  5. Please pay in Yen by bank transfer or direct deposit to the account below:


Bank: Bank of Yokohama, Motomachi Branch
横浜銀⾏ 元町⽀店 (普通)⼝座番号
Account: Ordinary — 311-1518402
普通 — 311-1518402
Account Name: Yokohama Union Church
Yokohama Christian School


Use the child’s name instead of the parents’ or company’s: for example, Smith Mary THE PAYEE MUST COVER THE BANK TRANSFER FEE.