The health of each student at Yokohama Christian School is of utmost importance. Teachers and staff encourage students to maintain healthy habits throughout the school year, starting with the 2 year old class. If you have questions about health policies, feel free to ask teachers or office staff. Official school policies concerning illnesses and school absences can be found in the Classroom Policy handbook, which is located in each classroom and the school office.


YCS is a tree-nut free school. We ask that lunches prepared at home not contain any tree nuts so that all students can be safe in our school. We realize that students may have other allergies and are willing to work with parents to provide a safe environment for all of our students. Common allergies that staff have had experience with include: egg, milk, and wheat.


The safety of our students at Yokohama Christian School is our top priority.
Each month we practice Emergency Drills, rotating between fire and earthquake drills.

Earthquake Safety

Yokohama Christian School is in an advantageous position on the Yamate Bluff in Yokohama. The structure of the school is sound and there is no danger of tsunami reaching our location. Every other month we prepare students for earthquakes by performing earthquake drills. These drills teach students to react calmly and appropriately in the event of an earthquake.


The school and church building are evacuation points in case of a natural disaster. In the event of an evacuation situation, there are emergency supplies stored on site at YCS.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire at the school, YCS students would evacuate to Motomachi Elementary School a short walk away. Every other month we have a fire drill to prepare our students. During a fire drill, students stop what they are doing, line up, and exit the building as quickly as possible. Students first gather in front of the Preschool classrooms and then, as a school, we practice walking to the gates of Motomachi Elementary School. Students are taught to take this practice seriously and to listen carefully to instructions.