Enrichment Program

At Yokohama Christian School, all students from Preschool to Upper Elementary levels participate in a variety of enrichment classes. These classes help offer a well-rounded education for all of our students to enjoy and explore.


Music is introduced in all grade levels at YCS, beginning with musical elements such as rhythm, tempo and dynamics, moving towards reading notes and musical performance. We believe that music education is important for developing a well-rounded appreciation for the arts.

Physical Education (PE)

PE focuses not only on the fitness aspect of games and sports, but also on what students may learn from participating in various physical activities and play. Games and athletic competition allow students to practice Christian characteristics such as self-discipline and obedience.


YCS Library currently houses 4000+ English books, ranging from Preschool level to Upper Elementary level. Students can borrow a book from our library each week, and through this enrichment program, also learn to develop their English listening skills and love for reading.


Japanese classes at YCS mainly aim to expose our students to the local language and culture through interactive activities such as songs, books and games. Our goals are for students to develop cultural awareness and understanding as well as the joys of learning a language.

Art (K-G5)

Art is a means by which students can explore their God-given imagination, and experience the beauty that God has created. Through designing their own artwork, students engage their senses – God-given gifts of sight, hearing and touch – in an imaginative way.

Computer (G3-5)

Computer class aims to equip students with 21st century skills needed to cope with today’s society. YCS’ curriculum focuses on typing skills, editing skills, presentation skills and digital literacy. Preparing for the digital world helps expand students’ creativity and innovation for the future.