Afternoon English Course


Afternoon Program @ Yokohama Christian School

Daily Schedule for M/T/Th Classes


for 4-6 year olds (max 6 students)

  • Arrival
  • Instructional Play & Games
  • Circle time and Reading
  • Group Activity or Craft
  • Clean-up & Snack
  • Closing Activities & Dismissal

Children can borrow a library book from the 4,000+ volume library each week.

Student progress reports are completed each term to monitor progress in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

YCS staff consists of qualified and experienced teachers. The classroom is English-only, but Japanese speaking staff is available for “emergency” situations

English Language Arts

Wednesdays only 15:30-17:00
Maximum: 8 students

  • Specifically for English Language growth and maintenance
  • 6+ years old in Japanese elementary school

Purpose: maintain and strengthen verbal and listening skills; to learn how to read and write English (not Eiken prep)

Requirements: student must have a minimum of “Developing Level” of English in speaking and listening

Developing Speaking means: retells short stories through picture; repeats sentences from rhymes and patterned stories; makes predictions; answers questions from stories read aloud (ex. who, what, where).

Developing Listening means: follows two-step directions; draws pictures in response to oral instructions; responds verbally to confirm or deny facts; acts out songs and stories using gestures.

Guidelines for Class

  1. A pair of indoor shoes (left at school)
  2. Please drop off and pick up your child promptly after each class.
  3. The child may enter the classroom at 3:25PM. Do not leave your child under 6 years old unattended.
  4.  If your child is crying please remain with them outside the classroom until settled and may be sent in.
  5. Please be on time – it is sometimes difficult for young children to enter a classroom after class has begun.
  6.  Students will not be allowed to enter after 4pm.
  7. Let us know if there is an alternative pick-up person in advance. Safety is our priority!
  8. Please do not send sick children to school. Call or email us to inform us about the absence. No make-ups.
  9. If a child falls asleep they will be allowed to sleep.
  10. The teacher leads the class and expects students to follow directions and participate in activities.

Class Discipline Policy

Our teaching is Western in style, which means the teacher leads the class and the students are expected to do what is asked – i.e. sit down for circle time – if they refuse to do an activity they may not be allowed to do other things, etc. Please inform your child of these expectations.

PROCESS: Students must listen to the teacher throughout the entire class. If a student does not listen to directions:

  1. There will be one verbal warning. If a child continues the behavior after the warning they will be removed from the class. They will have a time out in the school office for 5 minutes.
  2. They will be asked if they are ready to return to class. If yes, they are reminded that they must listen to the teacher.
  3. If there is a second warning, the child will be removed and the parent will be contacted to come and pick up their child. Parents will be informed if
    the behavior continues.


  1. To change or add days please speak to the office before the start of term.
  2. For questions in Japanese contact the school office via email or phone in the morning.
  3. Note that some class sessions are on Japanese public holidays
  4. If you have questions, please speak with the teacher or office staff.
  5. If there is an emergency closure you will be notified via your emergency email or by phone. There are no make-up classes for typhoons, earth quakes, or snow days.

Financial Information

Please pay in Yen by bank transfer or direct deposit to

Bank: Bank of Yokohama, Motomachi Branch
Account: Ordinary – 311-1518402
Acct name: Yokohama Union Church Yokohama
Christian School

In Japanese:
横浜銀⾏ 元町⽀店 (普通)⼝座番号