Who are the students of YCS?

Yokohama Christian School serves the international and local communities of Yokohama. Our students are: international, bicultural, and local. Some of our students are Christian, while others are not.


What curriculum is used at YCS?

Teachers are YCS teach using American Classical Christian materials. The classical approach to education is an integrated approach to all subjects, with a focus on student capabilities at different stages of development.


How much English should my child speak before coming to YCS?

Students in the preschool ages have no language requirement before becoming a student at YCS. Elementary aged students should be within one year of grade level in English language skills.  YCS is willing to work with students and families in order to prepare students for grade level study. Please do not hesitate to ask. 


How much English should parents speak?

We realize that all parents may not be fluent in English – that is ok! For communicating with YCS teachers and staff, it is best if one parent speaks English. For important meetings, such as orientations and parent-teacher conferences, YCS is happy to arrange for English-to-Japanese translation so that vital information is understood by all parties. If you need language support for another language, please feel free to bring your own translator.


Can I change my child’s attendance days after he/she starts attending school?

 Once you have determined the days your preschool-aged child attends there will be no change of days until the following school year. Yes, you may add days as your child adjusts to school, if there is space available.


What are the criteria for entrance at YCS?

The following will be used as a basis for selecting children to attend the school: age, class size, English language proficiency, siblings enrolled at the school; and English language support at home by a parent or guardian.


Why is YCS so “small”?

Unlike in Japanese schooling, YCS views low student-teacher ratios to be the best way for students to learn. Many of our students come to YCS as English language learners, which means that quality of language input is essential to their success.

Smaller class sizes also helps YCS provide the caring and nurturing environment that we view to be the trademark of our school. Our size allows staff and teachers to work in close collaboration with parents to provide the best educational environment for each child.


Does YCS have a non-discrimination policy for admissions? 

Yes. Yokohama Christian School admits students of any race, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities accorded or made available to YCS students. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of our educational policies and procedures in our school-administered programs.