Beloved Head of School, Reverend Linda Schmidt, retired after nearly 14 years of leadership at Yokohama Christian School. Ms. Alisha Yamamori, whose role as Assistant Administrator made her a logical choice, was hired as Interim Head of School.

Our first Upper Elementary class began thee school year with two third grade students and ended the year with four students. After prayerful consideration the School Board and Administration allowed for the application of students with special needs and small-scale mainstreaming began in some classrooms.

The final steps of the STAR program are complete. YCS begins to prepare to apply for full accreditation in the near future. From the fall, an Upper Elementary classroom is opened; meaning that Yokohama Christian School has a full preschool through elementary school program.

Curriculum development and design, student care surveys, and long-range school planning steps of the STAR program are completed. Through this step-by-step process of school improvement, YCS becomes stronger academically and spiritually.

The School Board and Staff complete the first steps of the STAR program, a pre-accreditation development through ACSI. It is an exciting time at YCS!

In January our school name changed to Yokohama Christian School (YCS) to reflect the expansion of our school program and educational focus.

We began using a Classical Christian Curriculum and added a multiage elementary class (K–2). We were also officially accepted to pursue accreditation with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

The school expanded to a second classroom. Enrollment continued to grow, so that by 2009 there were classrooms serving children ages two through six, as well as afternoon classes for English language learning.

In September, by the grace of God, the program expanded to five mornings a week. In November, the Preschool moved into the new building. The purpose-built school proved to be a wonderful space for children to learn and play.

After two years of prayer, in early 2002, the Preschool Committee gathered to discuss the development of a Preschool as an outreach for the church and families of the community. In the first year, classes were held two mornings a week at the ‘Pink House’ next door to the church before the new YUC church building was constructed.

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