At Yokohama Christian School our preschool classes are called Seeds and Sprouts. Teachers and parents work in partnership to educate our students.

The smallest of our students at YCS start out like little seeds.  This is why our 2-year-old class at Yokohama Christian School is called the “Seeds” class. Have a quick glimpse into the Seeds Class.


*Though it is the 2-year-old class, students may enter from 21 months of age.


The 3- and 4-year-old class at YCS is the “Sprouts” class. Each year that the children are in the Sprouts class it is remarkable to see how they develop in language ability, social development, and academic preparedness.


Special class opportunities during the week with separate teachers: Art, Chapel Worship, Library, Music, and Physical Education.

School Days


Preschool Curriculum


We are pleased to be using WEE Learn preschool curriculum in both the Seeds and Sprouts classes. WEE stands for Weekday Early Education and the curriculum has been developed for infants through pre-K. This curriculum was developed by the CDEA out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Preschool Expected Outcomes

We utilize multiage classrooms with a mixed-age group of children that stay with the same teacher for several years. The teacher instructs two or three age/grade levels in their designated curriculum as a community of learners. The mixed-age environment requires teachers to facilitate the learning of each child rather than predetermined grade-level skills and content. It is far from a new idea. Children have long been educated in multiage groupings called: families. Where they were learned to read, write, count, life skills and religious education and values.

For more about Expected Outcomes in the preschool years:

Two Year Olds Three & Four Year Olds