Toddlers' Group

Canceled until further notice due to the pandemic

The Toddlers’ Group is for parents, caregivers, babies and toddlers (0-36 months) to meet on a regular basis for play and interaction. Our purpose is providing an English-speaking environment for children and their parents. We hope this gathering provides an opportunity to meet other parents as well as share parenting experiences and ideas. As an international group, we encourage cultural awareness of other countries. It is not intended as an English school for teaching English. Click here to view our current poster.

An adult & child 0-36 months
Stories, songs, arts & crafts, free play;
program in English only
Mondays, 9:30-11:00AM (8:30 open for free play)
Church Sanctuary
¥500/session (2nd sibling ¥200)
Schedule for Mondays
  Sign-in & free play
  Reading & Songs
  Arts & Crafts
  Free Play
11:00 sharp 


Calendar follows our School Schedule

Toddler's Creed

if I like it, it’s mine

if it’s in my hand, it’s mine

if I can take it from you, it’s mine

if I had it a little while ago,

it’s mine, if it’s mine,

it most never appears to be yours in any way

if I’m doing or building something

all the pieces are mine

if it looks like mine, it’s mine


Children at this age are still learning how to respond to other children and new situations. Aggression, fighting, biting, hitting, throwing toys, uncooperative behavior, selfishness, shouting, etc are normal ways for children to act out their frustrations. We kindly ask that parents and caregivers give gentle guidance and be a positive role model to help children know how to act.


❖ If regularly parking, please apply for a parking permit.

❖ Parent involvement is expected.

❖ If you want privacy for nursing please use the “Prayer Room.”

❖ There is a toilet with a changing table down the hall.

❖ Please do not to disturb people in the classrooms –
accompany your children to the toilets.

❖ Please share your suggestions to make this a better group.