Afternoon Class

Children 4-7 years old (who must have prior school experience) are welcome to apply. Our afternoon class has a variety of participants challenged to take their English to the next level using age-appropriate standards:

  • ✓ Students who previously attended YCS that are now attending Japanese schools.
  • ✓ Returnees from foreign countries to maintain their English.
  • ✓ Students with English as an additional language.
  • ✓ Students who are a first time English language learners.

Classes are scheduled Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, , during three terms:

September – December, January – March, and April – June.

YCS is happy to introduce a new English Language Arts class on Wednesdays!

Afternoon Program

Monthly Fees

New Student Registration

1 day/week ¥12,000 ¥20,000
2 day/week ¥24,000 ¥20,000
3 day/week ¥35,000 ¥20,000
4 day/week ¥45,000 ¥20,000


PLUS ¥3,000 per term for snacks

❖Do students who have previously attended YCS pay registration? No.

Daily Schedule

Instructional Play & Games
Circle Time & Reading
Group Activity or Craft
Clean-up & Snack
Closing Activities & Dismissal

We are pleased to announce new opportunities in our Afternoon Class schedule. The Wednesday Afternoon Class is now an English Language Arts class for 5-8 year olds, all other classes remain unchanged. Entrance into the Wednesday class requires a short evaluation of English language skills. For more, updated Afternoon Class information is available here.



Topics Covered

September Unit 1

All about Me

Asking someone’s names, Identifying & Asking about objects like favorite toys or clothing items, Expressing needs, Letters: A, B, C,
October Unit 2

My Senses

Greeting & Requests, Identifying colors & using color words as adjectives. Following Commands, Using school words. Letters: D, E, F,
November Unit 3

Shapes Numbers

Greeting & Asking questions, Identifying & drawing shapes, Answering questions using Yes and No, Numbers 0-10. Using & Following commands, Letters: G, H, I, J
December Unit 4


Christmas Greeting, Giving & Receiving, Identifying weather Reviewing favorite toys, Shapes & Colors. Reviewing Letters: A- J
January Unit 5


Asking permission to enter, Identifying opposites, Expressing & following commands, Numbers 19-20, Review letters, Letters: K, L, M
February Unit 6


Asking & telling someone’s age, Expressing likes & dislikes about food, Expressing hunger & thirst, Letters: N,O, P, Q
March Unit 7


Identifying & asking about animals, Expressing likes & dislikes about animals, Using singular and plural items; Letters: R, S, T
April Unit 8

My Body

Apologizing, expressing abilities, asking and answering about abilities Letters: U, V, W, X,


Unit 9


Inviting friends to play, Expressing abilities and inabilities, Asking & Answering questions about abilities, Letters: Y, Z & Review: A-Z

Application Process

Enter your description about the heading title here.

Admission is based on availability of space. NO interview is required.

  1. Complete Application Form and attach a recent photo.
  2. Determine your start date – we will let you know if there is a wait list.

General Information


  1. What to bring: A pair of indoor shoes (they may be left at school)
  2. Please drop off and pick up your child promptly for each session.
  3. The child may enter the classroom at 3:25PM. Do not leave your child unattended.
  4. If your child is crying please remain with them outside the classroom until they settle down then they may be sent in.
  5. Please be on time – it is difficult for some young students to enter the classroom once class has started. Students will not be allowed to enter after 4:00PM.
  6. Let us know if there is an alternate pick-up person in advance. Safety is our priority!
  7. Please do not send sick children to school – call us to inform us about the absence.
  8. If a child falls asleep they will be allowed to sleep.
  9. The style of teaching is Western. The teacher leads the class and the student is expected to do what is asked – i.e. sit down for circle time, remain at the table for table activities, if they refuse to do an activity they will not be allowed to do other things, etc. Please inform your child about these expectations.


  1. If you wish to change or add days please speak with the office staff prior to the term start.
  2. For questions in Japanese contact the school office via email or call in the afternoon.
  3. Note that some class sessions are on Japanese holiday –make sure to check the calendar.
  4. If you have questions, please speak with the teacher or the office staff.
  5. You are welcome to join all programs at the church and contact the pastoral staff.
  6. If there is an emergency closure you will be notified via your emergency email or by phone. There are no make-up classes for typhoons, earthquakes or snow.


  1. If you are regularly driving to the school and parking please fill out a parking permit form for your car. You can get the parking registration form at the office.

Financial Regulations

  1. All fees and tuition are due before the term starts.
  2. No refund or discount of fees or tuition for extended absences.
  3. No make up days or refunds for missed classes by your child.
  4. An official YCS Withdrawal Form is required one month in advance for departure from the program.
  5. Please pay in Yen by bank transfer or direct deposit to the account below:


Bank: Bank of Yokohama, Motomachi Branch
Account: Ordinary — 311-1518402
Account Name: Yokohama Union Church Yokohama Christian School


Use the child’s name instead of the parents’ or company’s: for example, Smith Mary THE PAYEE MUST COVER THE BANK TRANSFER FEE.