Hurray It’s Summer! – Fun & Educational Activities for Summer Vacation

“Hurray it’s summer!” echoes through the hallways. Students, teachers and parents are excited for what the summer months will hold. Yet parents often share that it’s hard to keep children busy, happy and still learning during the summer. What can you do to keep a child engage in some learning activates?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Visit the Naka Public Library.
    There are over 8,000 foreign books that can be checked out. Just make a habit of stopping by the library once a week or more often, and be sure to let kids pick appropriate books that they find interesting (even if you don’t see the attraction). This is a two-birds-one-stone approach, since visiting the library makes for a fun outing, and reading all those books whiles away hours of the summer.

  3. Explore new local parks.
    Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic. Make it a goal to go to one new park each week this summer.

  5. Fill in summer’s special days and events on a calendar.
    Use Education world coloring calendar for June, July and August. Or help your child make their own calendar using paper and a ruler.

  7. Create musical instruments
    With material found around the house create musical instruments. Enchanted learning can give you instructions to make rain sticks, maraca rain sticks or a guitar.

  9. Staple together pieces of plain paper and make a journal.
    Write about activities your are doing or you would like to do.

  11. Create a summer memory board
    Children love to collect things. Let them collect one item from each activy you do and organize it on the board. If you are like many parents, you like to take photos of our kids having fun.T his gives child something to talk about at the end of summer to share with their friends, and classmates.

Enjoy the Summer!
Ms. Christy Reed