My Peace I Give To You

The peace of the Lord that transcends all understanding comes when you start to live in tune with him. A wiseman once told me, “there is no state of being that is rewarding as living in tune with God”. May his soul rest in peace. This has helped me to navigate this human experience as we continue to live in an unsteady world. My experience in Japan, though challenging, has definitely drawn me closer to the creator of heaven and earth. This has allowed me to live in tune with him, with the benefits including hearing from him clearly, through my heart. God still speaks to his children up until today, praying without ceasing is just the only way to get connected, and hear him speak clearly. Through journaling about the Bible and prayerful meditations that are as simple as, “thank you, Jesus” every single day, the Lord himself has directed me into green pastures. I know that it is difficult to do or remember as we get swamped with our daily schedules, but I promise you that if you put effort in the beginning, it will eventually become an integral part of your being.

The opportunity to teach at YCS is an example of God’s direction in my life. I vividly remember telling our principal, Ms Alisha about this, when I had my second interview, how that experience just felt like it had happened before. I do understand what deja vu means and I can also separate it from knowing when God speaks, remember what Acts  2:17 says. I value the presence of God more than silver and gold, being surrounded by a loving, genuine and God fearing community throughout the week was something I had always been praying for. We need God’s grace for every season, and that grace sometimes comes through people, who knowingly or unknowingly, being used as instruments by the creator, are assisting us in fulfilling our divine purpose here on earth. This is the grace I have received, and that which I want to maintain. By teaching the Bible in class, my spirit compels me to practice what I teach everyday, and this has assisted me in the areas I struggled with my faith. The peace that I get everyday when I step into my classroom is something that cannot be bought by silver or gold. I know the irony here is that, how can it be peaceful when you’re  surrounded by the energy and  chaos young learners bring into the class? Well, there are a lot of things about God that you can learn from children. 

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”  (Mark 9:37)