A STAR is born!

Accreditation is the process of giving official authorization or approval to an institution or organization. These organizations are leaders in their given field. In the case of a school, accreditation means that the school has reached a certain level of excellence in their academic, extracurricular, and overall administration.

At YCS, our goal is to offer an excellent academic program that provides an exciting learning environment, but that also meets the standards of other academic institutions. We not only want to provide for our students when they are attending our school, but also when they move on to other academic endeavors.

Accreditation will not only certify that the program at Yokohama Christian School has high standards, but will help staff and administration make the school even better than it is already. This week we finished the STAR program, a pre-accreditation program. The steps of the STAR program have helped us to be more clear about our academic programs; has pushed us to reflect on the past, present, and future goals of the school; and has made Yokohama Christian School a better school.

Now that we have completed STAR, YCS has a program for improvement in place, which includes applying for full-accreditation with ACSI in the near future. We thank the staff, parents, and school board of YCS for continued support.