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A STAR is born!

30 Nov 2017 Posted by Alisha in Academics, Administration

Accreditation is the process of giving official authorization or approval to an institution or organization. These organizations are leaders in their given field. In the case of a school, accreditation means that the school has reached a certain level of excellence in their academic, extracurricular,…

Assessment Practices at Yokohama Christian School

06 Mar 2017 Posted by Alisha in Academics

Why is assessment important? Assessment is important in determining whether the stated goals of a curriculum are being met. Parents, perhaps, are most familiar with paper tests, both teacher-developed and standardized, however, teachers are assessing students in many other ways. How are students assessed at…

Preparing for a New School Year

15 Feb 2017 Posted by Alisha in Academics, Administration

It is that time of year when school administrators are definitely looking ahead to the next school year and parents are also thinking about that, too. How do we at YCS determine teachers and classes for the coming school year? The administrators set the boundaries…

The Importance of Small Class Sizes

30 Sep 2016 Posted by Alisha in Academics

“Why are class sizes small at Yokohama Christian School?” this question, or a variation of this question, is often asked by prospective parents. There are two parts to the answer that I would like to discuss. First, Yokohama Christian School is an international school in…