The learning environment at Yokohama Christian School is multi-age and collaborative, which is clearly seen in our two elementary classes. In the Lower Elementary class (K-2), students are trained to be strong readers and users of language in a variety of subject areas. Strong language skills allow students in the Upper Elementary class (3-5)Upper Elementary Grade 3-5  to further expand their horizons by demonstrating critical thinking and interdisciplinary skills throughout all subjects.

For individual classroom schedules please check here: Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary.


YCS uses American Classical Christian curriculum.  The curriculum is based on age-appropriate guidelines for children, while classical teaching methods are used to train children to engage and explore their world, think creatively in solving problems, and be prepared for global citizenship.

Students benefit from a strong and challenging curriculum at YCS. Our textbooks are used in classical schools internationally, and include: Shurley English and Wordly Wise 3000 for language arts; Saxon Math for mathematics; and Purposeful Design materials for science, spelling and Bible. As an international school, our social studies program uses our school location and the backgrounds of students at YCS to provide a unique collaboration of learning about Japan, students’ home countries, and the world.

You can view the full curriculum schedule here.

Classical curriculum teaches children using their natural inquisitiveness and predispositions based on their age. For instance, children in the pre-grammar (K-2) phase are predisposed for singing and memorizing short songs and phrases. For more about what Classical Curriculum means for your child, click here.

Yokohama Christian School is pleased to offer a wide range of enrichment programs throughout the school week. Enrichment classes at this time include: art, Latin, library, music, technology, and PE. We believe that these classes offer children additional skills that are important in becoming well-rounded, lifelong learners. Have a look at our enrichment page.

Parents may not be familiar with the phrase “expected outcomes,” but parents are certainly interested to know what skills and preparation their child will receive from attending Yokohama Christian School.

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