Grateful for Another Year

The school year 2022-23 is at a close. We have seen a move towards normalcy this school year in being able to hold events like Fall Family Festival and a – first time ever – school anniversary event. The Yokohama Christian School community has had a wonderful year as a whole and I thank God for our students, teachers, and staff every day. 

This is also the time of year when we say “see you later” to some of our community. YCS has been fortunate to have such a wonderful bunch of teachers throughout these trying pandemic years. However, we have some wonderful teachers who are being called to different locations as they continue their faith walks. 

Raffin Unson came to YCS as a teacher eager to live out his faith and his profession. He has grown in his position as a teacher and as a valued staff member at YCS. Raffin will be doing mission activities first before moving to the United States. We wish him well in all his future endeavors, whether in teaching or another field God calls him to. 

Emily Shinohara came to YCS mid-pandemic ready and eager to teach and serve God in our school. Her former experience as an eikaiwa teacher has served her well, but it has been an honor to watch her grow as a teacher as she fosters our kindergarteners at YCS. Emily will be moving to Okinawa as she follows God’s calling to Zion Christian Academy International. Godspeed, Ms. Emily!

Joanne Yiu has been a force in our preschool division and an ardent supporter of the YCS mission from the beginning. She has uplifted and fostered such wonderful learning in her classroom every year and we thank you for your dedication and service. We wish you well in your next endeavor. 

In addition to the sadness of good-byes, we are excited that God has provided us with wonderful new teachers and staff to join YCS from the fall. As with every year, we also have families and students who have been a wonderful part of our Yokohama community – God be with you ‘til we meet again.