New Events for Fall 2016

We are excited to have two new events to introduce at YCS this fall.

PTA Breakfast Fundraiser – October 10, 2016

In years past, official PTA events have been scheduled for the latter half of the Fall Term. While scheduling events near the end of term gives ample time for planning, it means that the PTA remains rather inactive through the beginning of the new school year. By scheduling an event near the beginning of the term, we hope that parents will begin to work together and begin forging good working relationships amongst themselves while putting on this new event.

The event itself is also meant to be a fun time where families can get to know one another. The children can eat with their friends (under parent supervision) and teachers and we can all have a relaxed breakfast.

Parenting Seminar – October 10, 2016

Yokohama Christian School is proud to have a rich, multicultural student body. This parenting seminar is meant to familiarize families with Christian parenting philosophies that are understood by staff and administration at YCS. The seminar is meant to help parents think more deeply about parenting choices and also to introduce some new ideas.

The presentation and materials will be bilingual (English/Japanese). The speaker, Jonathan Benedict, was raised in Japan and has raised 10 children here. He regularly gives seminars on parenting and family issues and we welcome him as a speaker at YCS.