Pray, Eat, Color

Parents will often ask how much their child ate at lunch, but they are unaware of all the activity that goes along with lunch each day. I’d like to share a little glimpse of what lunch is like here at YCS.

When my children were young eating meals with them often caused me to have a stomachache. It was a point of control. Children control what they put in their mouths and at times won’t be persuaded to eat. For some of you reading, this power struggle probably sounds very familiar. So when I wanted to get to know the children at school on better on a regular basis I decided to share lunch with them daily.

Eating lunch together is one way to really get to know a child. How they eat…what they eat…what they talk about when they eat…what they don’t like…the pride in taking care of themselves in something so basic and even some tips on nutrition are thrown in. Children do grow throughout the year and I find joy in spending time with them in this way. I miss our meals during the school holidays. At the end of the year we applaud the increased self-care and on-going conversations that develop. Eating together solidifies our fellowship with God and others.