Reflections on the 6K Water Walk

The Global 6k for Water is a charity walk sponsored by World Vision to help the developing world acquire clean water. In developing countries in the African continent, nearly 1,000 children under 5 die from diarrhea caused by contaminated water. On average, people in the developing world walk an average of 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) every day to get water.

To send help to the World Vision organization, Yokohama Christian School host its own yearly Water Walk. This is to raise funds by allowing our students to join the said cause as a service to the community which is also open to anybody who are willing to help raise the fund. Our own students get to experience how far underprivileged children walk every day to get water. In the weeks before the walk, our students learn about the struggles of children in the developing world, lack of access to schooling, and begin to understand how they can help.

Here are some feedbacks from our own YCS Upper Elementary students:

I was not sure why I have to join the 6K Water Walk. However, I learned from our lessons that there are countries in Africa that are in need of clean water. They have to walk 6K under the hot sun. I could help them by donating money and joining the 6K Water Walk. (Geoffrey 3rd grade)

I learned about 6K Water Walk. I feel very sad about the African kids that need to walk 6K to get water. We experienced walking 6K from school. I thought it’s hard for me to walk that far. I went together with my school friends. I feel that was not far but I was sweating. We returned to school and enjoyed the rest of the event. (Lala, 3rd grade)

When I first heard of it, I didn’t think it was that hard. I even thought that it will only take 1-10 minutes to walk 6K but it took more than 50 minutes. I realized that it’s very hard to do this kind of walk every day. I also realized that I am very rich compared to the African kids but not to me. I think that they don’t even have enough food because of less water.

(Andrew, 3rd grade)

Our students are able to participate and raise funds for World Vision. The walk is also open to the broader community of Yokohama.