Weekly Round-Up: February 12-16

Weekly Round-Up: February 12-16


This week was another busy week at Yokohama Christian School.


Of course, the highlight of the week was Valentine’s Day. Students were all instructed to make Valentine’s for their classmates. Part of the fun in the preschool classes was then playing “post man” as each child delivered cards to their friends.














In January, we started a new program for helping all students to act appropriately and use good manners at lunch time. Children can earn pom-poms for good behavior, being helpful, and cleaning up. Then the pom-poms are deposited in a jar and when the jar is full there is a prize. This week our pom-pom jar was full and we had a glow-in-the-dark lunchtime party! Teachers worked hard to make the lunch area “dark” and used glow sticks, flashlights, and other items to provide light enough to eat by. Mr. Raffin provided some background music (Star Wars).












On Friday’s the Sprouts class goes on a walk around our neighborhood in Yamate. Today they took kites to fly.










Our 2nd grade students baked apple cookies on Friday as part of their math lesson. Practicing math skills while cooking is a great combination!