Weekly Round-Up: February 19-23

Each week we have a variety of enrichment classes at YCS: chapel worship, computer, library, PE, and music. Each of these classes begins at an age-appropriate level, with reasonable expectations for each age.


Let me give you a taste of some of the enrichment classes from this week.


On Tuesdays, the 2nd graders have computer class. At this time, the focus is typing, word processing, and basic computer knowledge.


Looking at the intent concentration and smiles, I would say that our students are enjoying their time on the computers.


PE is a class that everyone enjoys. Our PE class meets outdoors on Wednesdays. Right now the focus of PE is on ball handling skills. For the smallest children, this just means throwing. Moving to the upper grades, ball skills extend to different types of throws and catching. The Lower Elementary class was focused on throwing and catching as used in basketball.


I was able to catch the Sprouts class stretching before they began their PE activities.

Ms. Chloe knows how to get them all warmed up!


This Friday the Lower Elementary class had art class with Ms. Hanae. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful art teacher! Over the last few weeks she has guided students in creating art for the school yearbook cover. If last year’s cover is any indication, we are very excited to see this year’s!


Have a wonderful weekend. We’ll see you on Monday!