Which season are you in?

This was a question I was asked the other day. The next moment I thought to myself, “I am over 40, so if I divide my life in four seasons, I would naturally fall into autumn.” However, the question continued a little longer. The complete question was, “which season are you in as a teacher?”


As a first time teacher, I hope to be in spring. I may be just a sprout yet, but it is mostly sunny, partly rainy, cloudy and windy and all I should do is grow, grow, grow! Much love and support I receive everyday from children, parents and staff members are warm sunshine I need for growing. Of course, there are all sorts of challenges I face everyday, like documents I must submit (like this one!), mistakes I make everyday and the moments I feel at a loss for not knowing what to do. Those could be the rain, clouds and wind, which I also need for my growth.


Though we may not feel like it most days, the first day of spring passed long ago and recently we have started to enjoy some warm days. We ARE in spring, maybe just about where I am in spring as a teacher. I do not know if this blog is the appropriate place to write this, but since this is the only chance for me to talk not only to my classroom parents, but also other classroom parents and all the staff members I work with, I want to thank all of you who read this – assuming most readers are related to YCS – for being sunshine, rain, clouds, and wind for me to grow. Please keep them coming!