Yokohama Christian School believes that parents are the primary educators of their children. YCS is happy to join together with parents to provide the best educational experience possible.

Curriculum at YCS is determined by age-appropriate standards and students are encouraged to grow and learn from experiences. Hands on, engaging lessons are one way that each child’s thirst for knowledge is quenched.

Enrichment classes at YCS include: Art, Music, PE, Latin, Library, Computer & Worship. Each class is taught by a dedicated teacher with expert training in their area of expertise.

What does it mean to be a school inspired by Classical Christian education practices?

Parents may not be familiar with Classical Christian schooling. The following are characteristics, schooling methods and expectations of Classical Christian education.

  • Rigorous academic standards
  • Developing a strong command of the English language, with a focus on spelling, grammar and vocabulary
  • Studying Latin
  • Critical Thinking and Inquiry are taught and practiced
  • A Biblical worldview 

Classical Distinctives



Student Characteristics

2 year olds Pre-Grammar

Loves to learn through songs, stories, and the five senses


3 and 4 year olds Pre-Grammar

Excited about learning; learns through the five senses; is creative


For the preschool curriculum schedule, see here.

Classical Distinctive



Teaching Methods

Lower Elementary (K-2) Pre-Grammar

Guided discovery; Explore, find things; Short, creative projects


Upper Elementary (3-5) Grammar

Hands-on work/projects; Field trips; Drama; Integrated subjects


For the elementary curriculum schedule, see here.