2021-2022 School Theme: The Golden Rule

The school theme for Yokohama Christian School is the Golden Rule from Luke 6:31 – Do to others as you would have them do to you. We are asking our students and teachers to focus on what we can do to support one another and share kindness and love to our neighbors and others in our community. 

To help illustrate the Golden Rule within YCS, we are using the story, Have you filled a bucket today? By Carol McCloud. This book highlights bucket-filling  (sharing with friends, helping the new kid, using kind words, etc.) and bucket-dipping (teasing, bullying, pushing a friend, etc.) behavior and how by engaging in bucket-filling – Golden Rule – behavior we actually help fill our own buckets. 

Our goal is to create a school of bucket-fillers who are living out the Golden Rule wherever they are. Together, we hope to partner with parents to help all of our students to really grasp our theme. 

To help kick-off this partnership effort, the YCS sponsored Parent Seminar this year is entitled “Home is Where Our Strength Is” presented by Aiko Matsumoto who is a strengths-based, certified coach. She will talk about how parents can help their children find their strengths and also how parents can help fill their child’s bucket to help them become resilient and confident people. We strongly request that all join on Wednesday, October 6 at 10am for this online presentation. 

Over this pandemic, I have felt frustration, sadness, rage and none of those emotions have been productive. It has been when I focused on the constructive things that I can do as an individual and what we can do as a group that I have begun to feel some hope. In choosing The Golden Rule as our YCS school theme for this school year, we want to focus on our love for others and the hope that we can bring to the world through our actions. Let us not get mired in the day to day troubles of the world, but focus on God and  loving one another and filling each others buckets.