Parenting: Out of the mouth of babes…

I was trying to figure out some sound parenting advice to write, when I thought I would go to the source. I asked my kids (who are now 21, 26 and 27) 2 questions:

  • 1. What is one thing you are thankful for that we did for you as parents?
  • 2. What is one thing you wished we did for you?

I didn’t promise them anything, just to be honest.  So here are their unedited responses, grammar mistakes and all.  In no particular order (The italics are my comments.)


  • 1. Out of the many things, I’m thankful that my parents taught me how to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Whenever there were disagreements or an offense in the house my siblings and I were always taught how to properly make peace with each other and with God. My parents used to say that forgiveness is more than saying “I’m sorry”, it’s a two way agreement to release each other from the offense made and then BOOM relationship restored. Watching my parents do it with each other and still be able to love like nothing ever happened made it easier for me to do it too. If I didn’t learn about forgiveness early in my childhood my marriage would be in danger! Ha!

Keep your marriage strong.  You are being watched.

  • 2. I wish I learned how to cook more. Haha haha but actually that was my fault….That way, I wouldn’t have to be calling you so often 😅

Take the time to teach, even though its faster doing it yourself. It will pay off in the long run. But God has grace for our mistakes, she has a husband that can cook.


  • 1. I’m thankful for my parents to teaching me how important it is to love my family.  I’ve been surrounded by many people that have broken relationships with their families, and I’m glad to have a relationship with my own.
  • 2. The one thing I wished my parents did for me was allowing me to choose the college I want to attend.

It is so easy to step into that controlling mode. Got to start slowly letting go so they can make their own decisions. She is now living on her own in America and putting herself through graduate school. So yes, pretty capable of making her own decisions. Though on my end, it was way cheaper sending her to college in our home state.


  • 1. I appreciate you, moms (&dad) , for raising me with such concentrated love and a Christian heart. I will forever cherish the moments in which we prayed every night before I slept. Your warmth and incessant love is sealed beneath my heart.

I cherish those moments too!

  • 2. I wish you had been more involved with our local community to reach out to those who are living around us. On a selfish note, I wish you had spent more time with me out of the house to get coffee with.  

Convicting and at the same time, nice having your child preach to you. We will be spending holidays together. So.. never too late to start, planning on having a lot of coffee time.