New Worship Time: Always Keep an Open Mind

“Always. Always. Always…” This word echoed through Worship Time on September 26, 2018. From our two year olds to our third graders, we gathered together for our first all-school Worship Time. Normally, our younger preschool classes have Worship together on Mondays and Thursdays, while the elementary classes gather early on Wednesday mornings. Yet we felt the need to have a combined Worship Time that would incorporate an assembly time at the end of each month to celebrate our Students of the Month. To be honest, I didn’t think keeping everyone on task and listening would be possible.


On Wednesday the 26th, I led my first joint worship service. I was a little nervous. Yet, when our younger students started to sing I saw our older students smiled in delight. The elementary students sang a different worship song and the young students seem to be enthralled with the song and the motions.  The children listened quietly to the topical study about the promises of God.


Do we trust God to keep his promises? We examined why human beings don’t keep promises. Sometimes people don’t keep their promises because they aren’t strong enough, they change there mind, they lie, or something comes up.  Yet we know this doesn’t stop God.


Our elementary students were invited to read bible verses like Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that He should lie, or son of man that he would change his mind… Has he said, and will he not do it?” Then I chanted that God always keeps his promises. Soon, all the children were chanted that God always, Always, ALWAYS keeps His Promises.


And always keep an open mind, with God all things are possible. Even all-school Worship Time.