Reflections on a Trip of a Lifetime

I had the privilege of going with my husband to fulfill his dream of going to Israel. Reflecting back on 12 unforgettable days in Israel,  people asked what stood out or what do you take away from it?  There were so many things, but one highlight was on the last day of our tour, we rode a boat to the middle of the Sea of Galilee. It was peaceful and larger than I thought it would be.  I looked out to the mountain where I imagined Jesus was praying looking down on his disciples being tossed at sea in the boat and how he came walking on the water to them.  How he invited Peter to walk on water, how Peter was excited to do so but soon became frightened by the waves around him. But Jesus was quick to rescue him. Standing there in the middle of Galilee, the words he spoke to his disciples before he went to the cross echoed in me, “I have overcome the world…”

As I personally face new transitions in my life, letting go of my children as they leave for college, school and marriage, I have peace because they are in God’s hands. I know we will be ok because the one who has overcome the world holds our hand.

Sending your child to school each day is the first step of letting go.  Psalms 127:4,5 says children are like arrows in our quiver. They were meant to be shot out, not to be kept by us.  They should soar farther and higher than we ever did. Jesus has a plan and destiny for you and your child.  I personally don’t know how we could have survived without His help.  He has always been with us through the storms and dark times of my children, (learning  disabilities, not fitting in, sickness…) and rejoices with us through the wonderful times (graduating, getting into college, getting jobs, getting engaged…).
I count it a privilege to serve in a Christian school where we are free to share of this Jesus.  If you are a Christian, I encourage you to go to Him; if you are not, ask any of the us how to ask him into your life.  It’s not a religion but a relationship. He’s ready to walk with you through the hard times and give you dreams that are beyond your expectations.


God’s Design: Creative, Glorious, Purposeful, and Good