Showing God’s Love in Our Community

At mid-term, as we get closer to Thanksgiving, it is good to remember and reflect on the YCS school theme – We love because God first loved us

How do we show love to others? 

For our youngest students, it begins with cultivating a “sharing is caring” attitude. That attitude comes with time and bumps along the way, but they slowly learn to empathize with their fellow students and really share because they care. 

As our students grow and mature in their understanding of love, we begin to talk more about loving people that we don’t know and how we care for people outside our school community. Service is one of the ways we begin helping our students engage in acts of love. This year we are focusing on collecting non-perishable foods for the Uenomachi Church Food Pantry. 

Uenomachi Church is just off Honmoku Dori, about 15 minutes walk from YCS. Before the pandemic, the church ran a kodomo shokudo, or children’s cafeteria, that had free meals for children and low cost meals for parents. As the pandemic hit and government restrictions prevented the children’s cafeteria from continuing, the church leadership pivoted to running a Food Pantry that provides food for those in need in the surrounding community. 

We are fortunate to have the ability to pair with this church in our community to help our students really understand another facet of showing God’s love to others. The Food Drive runs until Tuesday, November 15th. We thank you for supporting our efforts in helping our community at large and hope our students will also enjoy this service project.