Thankful for new scooters!

This month children started using blue new scooters which PTA has kindly donated (thank you so much PTA!). When we first introduced them to the children they were very excited to try new scooters and teachers were worried that children would start fighting over scooters. However, very interestingly there were some children who went back to our old scooters that are black. After trying new scooters, children found that our old black scooters can go faster, and blue new scooters can go steadier. So children who like steady rides tend to choose blue ones, while speed and thrill lovers prefer black ones. So sharing scooters among children is going a lot better than we expected and we are all very thankful not just for new scooters, but also for the stilts and a water/sand table that PTA has donated though we haven’t tried yet and the opportunity for us to learn about how children make choices.